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CANARYTEC CO., LTD is your global supplier offering microwave and millimeter-wave components and parts development, manufacture, sales and services located in Guangzhou, China. With more than 30 years experience, your can turn to us with confidence for your Hi-K and Hi-Q dielectric ceramic material and substrate, single layer capacitor, chip resistor, heat sink, thin flim...
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Dielectric Ceramic Resonators Composite Dielectric Substrates


  • Updated in Sept 15, 2022
  • We can provide products as following:
  • Hi-K Ceramic Substrates
  • Hi-Q Ceramic Substrates
  • Composite Dielectric Substrates
  • Ceramic Substrates for SLC
  • Ceramic Substrates for Thin Film
  • Hi-Q Ceramic Resonators
  • Microwave Ferrites
  • Thin Film
  • Chip Resistors
  • Chip Capacitors
  • Chip Attenuators
  • Microstrip Circulators
  • microstrip Isolators
  • 50 Ohm Transmission lines
  • Shorters
  • Submounts
  • Mounting tabs
  • Standoffs
  • Heat Sinks


    Microwave Parts
    Microwave Components
    Heat Sinks
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