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Microwave Dielectric Ceramic
Dielectric Ceramic Substrate
Dielectric Ceramic Resonator
Microwave Ferrite Substrate
Microwave Part
Microwave Component
AuSu Alloys Solder Foil
Submount / Standoff
New Product

--Main Products£º    
--Microwave Dielectric Ceramic    
  Application£º SLC, Resonator, Antenna.  
--Dielectric Ceramic Substrate    
  Application£ºThin Film, Thick Film, Chip Resistors,Chip Capacitors, Heat Sink, SLC.  
--Dielectric Ceramic Resonator    
  Application£ºDielectric duplexers, Fliter.  
--Microwave Ferrite Substrate    
  Application£ºCirculator, Isolater, Phase Shifter.  
--Microwave Part    
  Application£ºThe basic unit comprised of microwave \ millimeter wave modules.  
--Microwave Component    
  Application£ºFilter, Attenuators, Couplers, Differentiator, Verifier, Circulator, Isolating device.  
--AuSu Alloys Solder Foil    
  Application£º Au80Sn20 pre-forms, one of the typical Au-based precious metals solder, is suitable for high reliability requirements of optoelectronic and microelectronic packaging for its good oxidation and creep resistance, fine wetting ability, high welding joints strength and thermal conductivity.  
--Submount / Standoff    
  Application£ºHeat dissipation, Position matching  
--New Product    
  --Ceramic Connector  
  --Ceramic Packages  
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