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AuSu Alloys Solder Foi
Submount / Standoff
New Product
--Gold-Tin Alloys Solder Foil    
  Premolding,To simplify the assembly process.
  Good strength of welding, High reliability Hi-Rel.
  Infiltrating performance is good,Low hole ratios.
  High thermal conductivity, Good oxidation resistance.
  Low viscosity, High creep resistance.
--Proformance Table
Material No. \ Item

Density - g/cm3

COF - PPM/ TC - W/mK TS - MPa
  NoteMelting Point: 280. Melting Temperature310~330.
--Size Choice
  Item Options
  Length * Width-inch(mm) Min 0.008"(0.20), Max 0.8"(20.0)
  Length * Width-Tolerance 5%
  Thickness-inch(mm) 0.00067"(0.017), 0.00134"(0.034), 0.00157"(0.040)
--Typical Product Code
  Product Code Specification
  M320160W17 Au80Sn20 Solder Foil3.20mm 1.60mm 17um
  M080008W34 Au80Sn20 Solder Foil0.80mm 0.80mm 34um
--How to Use
  Preheating: It is about 30 Min that temperature slowly rising to 240 under nitrogen protection.
  Heat Preservation: The temperature is rapid to 330 , hold on 2-3 Min.
  Cold Down: Cooling rate is 10 / Min.
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