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--Dielectric Ceramic Resonator      
  ---- -- --
  1 Hi-Q

Good microwave propertiesIt can provide higher dielectric constant in Hi-Q, the size of the circuit can be narrowed.

  2 Good frequency-temperature coefficient
    Conducive to design the stability circuit.
  3 Very steady K

Provide the better stabililty state.

  4 Flexible form

Can be expediently made various shapes.

  No. Item Disc Cylinder Cube Plate
  1 Diagram

  2 Size Range

D: Max 63mm; L: Max 30mm; d1d2: Max 30mm; T: Max 1.5mm

D: Max 30mm; L: max 35mm; d: Min 2.0mm.

A: Max 40mm; a: min 0.5mm; L: max 30mm. UP: A\B: Max 60mm; T: 0.1~8.0mm. DOWN: A\B: Max 25mm; a: Min 0.6mm; T: Max 6mm.
  3 K Value Range 20 ~ 45 20 ~ 80 20 ~ 80 6.8 ~ 80
-- Application      
  No. Item TE Series Dielectric Resonator TM Series Dielectric Resonator
  1 Purpose Dielectric duplexers of communication base station. Dielectric duplexers of communication base station.
  2 Specialty Hi-K, Realize miniaturization microwave circuit; Small Size; Low Cost;
Hi-Q, Improve the temperature stability of the microwave dielectric oscillator; Temperature frequency stability is good; Higher Q Value;
Wide range of temperature coefficient, and easy to compensate to temperature changes. Good heat dissipation, Can bear greater power.
  3 Picture
  4 Diagram
  5 Typical Product 800~900 MHz TE Dielectric Resonator 900 MHz TM Dielectric Resonator
1.90 GHz TE Dielectric Resonator
2.60 GHz TE Dielectric Resonator
3.60 GHz TE Dielectric Resonator
  6 Parameter 800~900M 1.90GHz 2.60GHz 3.60GHz Parameter 900 MHz
  Size A 62~63 mm 30 mm 20 mm 15.6 mm Size A 22~24 mm
  B 21~22 mm 9~10 mm 8 mm 6 mm B 8~10 mm
  C 6.2 mm 3.2 mm 3.2 mm 3.2 mm H 16~20 mm
  D 30 mm 15 mm 11.6 mm 10 mm    
  H 40~60 mm 15~20 mm 15~20 mm 15~20 mm    
  h 22~25 mm 7~10 mm 7~10 mm 7~10 mm    
  7 f 800~950M 1.8~2.3G 2.5~2.8G 3.4~4.2G f 900~950MHz
  Q 15K~30K 12K 10K 11K Q 3,800
  T.Drift -40~RT 50KHz 150KHz 200KHz 300KHz T.Drift -40~RT 200KHz
  T.Drift RT~80 50KHz 150KHz 200KHz 300KHz T.Drift RT~80 200KHz
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