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New Product
--Thin Film Attenuator        
  Microwave Integrated Circuit (MIC), DC Block, Impedance Matching.
  Small size, Excellent microwave performance.
--Standard Product
  Value \ Size 0402 (0.040"*0.020",1.02*0.51 mm) 0603 (0.060*0.030, 1.52*0.76 mm)
  D (0.50dB) E (0.75dB) G (1.00dB) D (0.50dB) E (0.75dB) G (1.00dB)
  1 dB A0402B010D     A0603B010D    
  2 dB A0402B020D     A0603B020D    
  3 dB A0402B030D     A0603B030D    
  4dB A0402B040D     A0603B040D    
  6 dB A0402B060D     A0603B060D    
  8dB A0402B080D     A0603B080D    
  10 dB A0402B100D     A0603B100D    
  16 dB   A0402B160E     A0603B160E  
  32 dB     A0402B320G     A0603B320G
  1. The above products are simple T, attenuator.
  2. The base material is 99.6% alumina which the thickness is 0.010 inch.
  3. VSWRMax:1): 1.35:1@DC~18GHz.
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